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"I`m so fucking horny," Alexa Rae says at the start of this video. "Forget those younger girls. They have no idea what`s coming next in their life."

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"I want this pussy packed with the biggest, hard trouser snake I can get," she tells us. "Go inside this pussy so fuckin` deep."

Alexa Rae gets what she wants, and it`s a big, black cock. The guy starts by sucking her big tits and erect nipples, then Alexa detects if his trouser snake fits inside her mouth. It`s huge. Her gullet is small. It fits. Amazing how those things work.

Alexa gets fucked every which way by that big, hard, black cock, and she keeps up a steady stream of dirty fuck between orgasms, that is. When she`s cumming, she`s rendered a bit speechless. Meanwhile, the stud is fucking her pussy, and she`s lying on her back with her hard nipples pointing to the ceiling, and then the stud finishes off inside her pussy. And she shovels out the cum so we can see her rosy cunt and the cum dripping down to her asshole.

Like we said, we hope every 20-year-old woman grows up to be just like Alexa Rae. But it`s just not gonna happen.

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