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Annellise and the cheating

First, we see Roger showing up at the office and asking the secretary if his wife is in. Then we see Annellise Croft moaning while tucking her throat with cock. It`s obviously not her husband`s cock.

"Your husband`s here," the secretary asks. "What should I do?"

"Send him in!" Annellise says.

The secretary sends him in, and what does he see? His 50-year-old wife sucking a big, yam-sized cock and really getting into it.

"Annellise!" Roger says.

"Roger, what are you doing here? Come in and sit right down. How does this make you feel?"

"What are you doing?" Roger says.

"I know how you like to watch," Annellise says, "so just sit there and watch me."

So he does as he`s told, and he keeps moving his head to get a excellent view of his wife sucking a stranger`s cock. Is he into this or is he humiliated?

"Look at this," Annellise says. "His cock`s so much bigger than yours."

Well, if he wasn`t humiliated before, he is now.

After Annellise sucks his cock, she goes up to Roger and says, "I`m gonna cum, and there`s nothing you can do about it."

He doesn`t even try. He just sits there and watches as his blond, big-titted, long-nippled wife gets fucked every which way, and then Annellise puts her cum-soaked face in Roger`s face and says, "I did it for us, baby!"

The secret to a long-lasting marriage? Maybe.

"I did it for you," she says.

Somehow, we doubt that. But she might have done it for us.

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