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Brandi Fucks Her Best Friend`s Husband

Brandi Anderson, a 41-year-old divorcee from Canada (now living in North Florida), is dressed for sex. This big-titted platinum blonde is dressed in a red corset, stockings and a garter belt. She looks highly sexy. Very horny. But who is she dressed for?

Brandi looks out the window. A camper drives up.

"Here we go!" she says.

Her man is home from work...or is it her man? She`s lying in bed. He comes upstairs and hears a woman moaning. His wife, maybe?

"Brandi, what are you doing here?" Tony says when he sees her.
Hmmm...maybe not his wife.

"You know you want to plumb me," Brandi says.

"You`re my wife`s best friend," Tony protests. Weakly, we`d say.

"You know you wanna plumb me," Brandi says again.

"Who told you?" Tony asks.

"You know you wanna suck my tits."

"You are a tease," he says.

Not exactly. Teases don`t put out. Brandi does.

And she doesn`t have to spend much time persuading him. Before long, Brandi has his man rod in her mouth, and then he has his throat buried in her pussy. Tony screws Brandi every which way (because he does want her), and he shoots his load in her open mouth. Brandi wants his cum so badly that she slurps it off her fingers.

This is Brandi`s debut. We`d say it`s a good one.

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