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Brandi`s the boss

Brandi Minx, one of our favorite hot little fuck toys, plays "who`s the boss" as she asks her employee for a back fumble and ends up sucking his cock and fucking him right there in the office. It`s pretty clear from early on that Brandi`s going to fuck this guy. With Brandi, it`s never a matter of "if." It`s always a matter of "when."

Brandi says of shooting her first-ever two scenes for, including an outdoor DP, "changed my career and boosted my confidence." She`s from New Jersey. She now lives in Nevada, where she works on a ranch. No, we didn`t say on a ranch. We said in a ranch, as in a ranch where women fuck fellows for money. For a woman like Brandi, the currency is an afterthought. It`s the cock that counts.

"I`ve had sex in taxi cabs in New York City and Nevada," Brandi said. "I enjoy being watched, which is why I have gotten into doing porn and why I attend swingers parties. I get off on the idea of so many guys witnessing me and looking at my movies."

Brandi enjoys "kissing, fellate jobs and all kinds of foreplay." She thinks her puny body, peculiarly her ass, is her best asset. We like her blowjob mouth, too. This divorced truly knows how to suck cock.

We also think she makes an excellent boss.

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