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Sends dick pic, shoves his dick in Kali’s ass

"I like the young ones," said 44-year-old wife and mom Kali Karinena, who in this scene pounds 24-year-old Ivan.

"I`ve had younger. I tried 18-year-olds about a year ago, but they`re too hasty, hard to train and unpredictable, so I decided I had to up the years. Eighteen-year-olds are defenseless and a little needy."

Well, here, Ivan isn`t defenseless or needy, but he is kinda stupid. He mistakenly sent a rod pic to his boss. The photo was meant for someone else, but, you know, if you`re gonna do something stupid like send rod photos through the Internet, you kinda deserve what you get.

In this case, Ivan gets Kali`s ass.

Yes, 44-year-old Kali gets ass-fucked by Ivan on the boss`s couch in the boss`s office. And she opens her mouth for Ivan`s cum.

The one thing we never find out is if Kali deletes the rod pic. We`re guessing she keeps it for herself.

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