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Susanna, a 41-year-old new-comer to, is in bed. She`s not going to work. She tells her hubby that she has a headache. Now, usually when a damsel tells you she has a headache, you`re not going to get any. Any pussy, that is. And it`s true: Susanna`s guy isn`t going to get any. But her fuck buddy, JMac, is going to get a lot. He`s going to get a blow job from Ms. Adams. He`s going to get her pussy. She`s going to get his big dick.

Seriously: Did Susanna`s guy really think she was dressed in sexy lingerie because she didn`t feel good?

Well, you know how it is: Porno hubbies and boyfriends often aren`t the smartest.

No sooner is Susanna`s significant other out of the house than JMac`s significant member is in her gullet and then in her pussy. And then nutting in her pussy.

Nicer clean up that creampie, Susanna. Porno hubbies aren`t that stupid.

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