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Tony`s hard-on had been out of Veronica`s pussy for less than an hour before it found its way into Vikki`s mouth and pussy. Who`s Veronica? Vikki`s 49-year-old daughter. Vikki is 65 and, as we just said, getting the hard-on that just fucked her daughter.

Is that kinky? Absolutely. It`s certainly not the kind of thing that happens every day. Is it hot? Absolutely.

Vikki is a football fan. She enjoys the Dallas Cowboys. She enjoys playing billiards and being adventurous. We`d say doing this is pretty adventurous. She`s divorced. She has three children (including Veronica), six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She has been a bank teller, the manager of a spa, an office manager and a pro clown.

"I used to be a clown with my daughter at birthday parties," she said.
We`d say that when it comes to the performing arts, Vikki and Veronica have stepped up their game.

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